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Cassandra Scherer is a fun loving ginger who has tinkered with writing her entire life. Born in the small town of Sister Lakes, MI she moved with her family to Glenwood Springs, CO in 1996, ever the wandering soul she moved to Naches, WA and played amongst the mountains for awhile. After her sister gave birth to Cassandra's first nephew Bryson, Cassandra packed up her meager belongings and drove across the country to Marysville, MI to be by her sister's ever-growing family. Today Cassandra is married with two daughters of her own, one fiery fairy and one sweet songbird, Sage and Sydney. She lives less than a mile from her nephews and niece, Bryson, Brock and Riley, and has one more niece in Pennsylvania, Jaiden who visits at every holiday. The Stone Doorway is Cassandra's first published work but she hopes to have many more after this including a sequel to The Stone Doorway and a children's book. 


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